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Welcome! Scroll below and you will find The Global Center for Christ Consciousness' 'member collection' of inspired writing and poems! It is a real treasure trove to be discovered! See for yourself! Go on! Happy adventuring, falling deep, into the appreciation of Unity!

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Submitting your writing really is a beautiful honour and gift to yourself, shared with everyone! The result is wonderful; simply all that make the decision to be involved, become happy!

Our selection group will review all pieces of writing. Limit of one, per person, per month.

Writing that resonates with The Global Center for Christ Consciousness' mission will be approved for publication within 7 days of submission.Thank you for sharing your inspired creations!

Inspired Poetry & Writing

Bach’s Swan By Graham Hill

                  Bach’s Swan By Graham Hill © 11.28.18 (Photos by Graham Hill) I don’t know much Technically, About music, But in this…


Into Me By Rita Boulton

Into Me By Rita Boulton (Photos by Graham Hill) Come, follow me’… Should I go? A seeming eternity has passed Since journeying into these depths Millions of years and but…


The House of Stars By Sherry Grady

Stars don’t shine they Burn.  Each Star in the house must be allowed to burn their own unique bright fire.   The Creator of the House of Stars must build…


Heavenly Ball By Roger Blakiston

Heavenly Ball By Roger Blakiston   I am a particle lost in the universe, Searching for answers and meaning to all. I am a rock and a snowflake and raindrop;…


Eternal Love By Leslie Paramore  The Sparkler Princess

ETERNAL LOVE By Leslie Paramore  The Sparkler Princess   Eternal Love stands by us  in prosperity and poverty,  in health and in sickness.  It will stand upon the raging seas …


Demeter’s Opinion By Cathy Robinson

Demeter’s Opinion   By Cathy Robinson   Potting soil, sand dug up from the wash, Bucket of citrus and cactus soil, Handful of perlite.  I mix it up with my…


Golden Rain by Graham Hill

Golden Rain by Graham Hill Oh Lord I love You Nothing is separate to me now You have shown me clearly I have come back from my dream And I…


The Secret Garden Within by Valerie Harding

The Secret Garden Within by Valerie Harding   It’s my place where love resides Where angels glide The gateway to my garden is bright, shinny Where light flows in The…


Mother by Rita Boulton

Mother by Rita Boulton   My mother, Come to me Hold me Embrace me And guide me Hold space for me Show me infinite patience, graciousness and kindness You embody…


Jesus by Janny Bus

Jesus by Janny Buis   I know you and I have seen you everywhere Always This bright golden sparkle light That surrounded me and my child when he arrived It…


Spirit Keeper of The North

~SPIRIT KEEPER OF THE NORTH~ By Debbie Windsong Raduka I walked the labyrinth path to honor my Birth Day once more, Expressing prayers of gratitude for this wonder-filled life I…


Rose in my window

Rose in my window By Janny Buis You rose of pink and white Your core profound  Petals unfold and open my heart I feel You in all my being This…



Ascension By Roger Blakiston As the world we know is ending, Many beings are ascending. Shadows sweep across the ocean; Waves of light are set in motion. Moving to a new…



Garden By K Hundson  Leaves draping, flowers budding and Glorious birds in song As I turn within to the light of peace to see that feeling of connecting to indescribable beauty


In Heaven’s Arms

By Linda Whitson Perry From heaven I see you cry  But I’m safe on the other side.   Although they said I died  We never will say goodbye.   I…


Sacred Path of the Labrinyth

By Debbie Windsong Raduka This winding path of earth and air, First offered me a place to bare. My journey fell upon the Earth, A place of knowing and rebirth.…


Corridor of Change

October 9, 2021 by Roger Blakiston I am gently gliding down The corridor of change; The faded pictures on the walls, I start to rearrange. Behind each painting I behold…


Mad Dog

September 16, 2021 by Cathy Robinson I promised not to let the mad dog out. He suffers only from his own malaise. He wants out because he hurts. I can’t believe…


I Am

September 5, 2021 by Judith Finneren A poem written celebrating my Ralph’s birthday August 19th, who passed in 2011! I AM just who I AM Sacred, Free Honoring all of LIFE!…


Life’s Purpose

September 1, 2021 by Roger Blakiston Our purpose on earth is not to just survive; It is to be love as we joyously thrive. We have an abundance of choices each…


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