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With its breathtaking view of red rocks and contrasting evergreens, Sedona Arizona is known as being one of the most beautiful places on the planet. But Sedona is also known as being the largest “New Age” community (per capita) in the world. As some people put it, Sedona is the New Age Mecca of planet earth. Many people interested in higher forms of spiritual understanding and honoring all religions, traditions, and thought-systems choose to visit or move to Sedona. This pilgrimage is often encouraged by the countless number of miraculous testimonies from groups and individuals who share stories of receiving powerful visions, spontaneous insights, and even physical healing from spending time doing one or more of the many spiritual activities available in the area.

Sedona’s Vortexes

Besides its outstanding natural beauty, Sedona Arizona has long been known as a spiritual power center because of its “energy vortexes.” What is an energy vortex? In general, it is believed that there are places on earth that are spiritually and/or scientifically unique in that they have an unusual quantity or variation of funnel-shaped energy; not unlike acupuncture points in the human body.

It is believed that the earth has seven major vortexes and dozens of minor vortexes; usually many hundreds or thousands of miles apart. In the case of Sedona, however, there is no place on earth with as many vortexes concentrated in one region. Again, Sedona has more vortexes in one region than anywhere else in the world. The energy is strongest at the specific vortex sites, but it saturates the whole area and can be felt in both subtle and dramatic ways by locals and tourists alike.

Sedona’s Psychics

Everyone knows that human beings generally have five senses (i.e. hearing, taste, smell, sight, and touch). But not everyone knows that we also have a set of “sixth senses.” These include clairvoyance and clairaudience (seeing and hearing that which is beyond the physical). And those who have developed these extra senses are often referred to as “psychics.”

Psychics usually have developed one skill or another, ranging from being able to see and read auras to “receiving” information about a person merely by holding an object owned by that person. A psychic can often provide details about past or future events and offer a client deeper perspectives or insights into their life or life issues.

It’s quite exciting and sometimes life-altering to see a psychic or attend a psychic festival. Some folks attend alone and others love to go with a group of friends, as they can later exchange feedback about their experiences.

Psychics often use tools and techniques, such as various card decks, or pendulums to “tap into” the information sought for their clients. And typically, a psychic uses the tool that best suits them or that they find most accurate for their work.

With the heightened vibrations and vortex energy, Sedona is an especially powerful source of psychic and intuitive enhancement for many, and therefore draws a large number of professional psychics to the community. If you are unsure about how to connect with a psychic guide who is right for you, it is always wise to pray for guidance on this AND to get a personal recommendation from someone you trust AND to consider looking at a directory of psychics in the area to see if one of them “feels right” for you.

Sedona’s Healers

Sedona’s healers come from many cultural backgrounds and traditions, from Native American to Eastern (Tibetan, East Indian, Oriental Medicine, and more), to those with more Western medical backgrounds. Sedona’s bodyworkers range from structural integrators, chiropractors, and deep tissue massage therapists who manipulate the physical structure of the body, to Reiki, acupuncture and other energy healing modalities. There are also healers that work on a spiritual level—using prayer and shifts in consciousness to facilitate a miracle of healing.

Whether you pursue healing in the form of bodywork, energy work, spiritual counseling, visiting vortex sites, or walking a labyrinth, you will no doubt have a unique experience. To find the Sedona healer best suited to your needs, start with some research but also ask for referrals from locals. Then contact those with whom you feel the most resonance. Also consider praying to be guided to the right healer for you.

Sedona’s Labyrinths

The labyrinth is an ancient symbol and tool for prayer and meditation. It offers a way to quiet your mind, open your heart, offer prayer, and turn inward for guidance.

labyrinthsLabyrinths have appeared in cultures around the world for many thousands of years. The sacred geometry of the labyrinth takes us through twists and turns, passing several times through four quadrants (symbolizing the four elements, the four directions and our four human facets) and eventually into the center (symbolizing the fifth element and our divinity), where we meet Spirit. The path then leads us out into the world, thus bringing our renewed sense of self (our divine self) and inspiration out into the world. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is a continuous path to the center without dead ends. The center circle and the centerpiece of a labyrinth varies for each location. The labyrinth at Unity of Sedona has a seven-colored fan-like platform so we can decide which chakra of consciousness we most want/need to heal or develop.

Applying Sacred Geometry (ancient, sacred knowledge articulated in architectural form) to the physical plane, is a mystical tool that assists in bringing clarity to the initiate while in a contemplative state. It might be thought of as a walking meditation and a pathway to higher consciousness. A Labyrinth is also a “yantra” or “living mandala,” wherein we enter and experience a sacred space dedicated to housing Spirit and spiritual energies.

When walking a labyrinth, allow the Spirit within the labyrinth to speak to you in whatever way is helpful and insightful for your experience.

Metaphysical Book & Gift Stores

Sedona has a few of the oldest and most respected New Age (spiritual) book and gift stores in the country. Some have been in Sedona for 30-40 years. These stores feature books on every subject of spirituality and self-help, gifts and tools for spiritual growth—including crystals, statuary, art, and Native American flutes, drums, and more.

Metaphysical Centers & Churches

There are several spiritual centers and churches in Sedona that focus on developing higher consciousness. There are also yoga and meditation centers, and centers that focus exclusively on featuring special events for audiences ranging from 50-500. These centers have featured some of the world’s leading teachers, authors, and conferences on spiritual and self-help.

Native American Sacred Sites

There are numerous sacred sites of the Native Americans throughout the region. These sites are ruins of the Navajo, Apache, Hopi, and even the ancient and mysterious Anasazi—a tribe that is said to have vanished from history, but that the Hopi say were taken away by star people and brought to other planets.


Given the heightened energy in Sedona, it stands to reason that Sedona features some of the world’s most gifted psychics. The psychics in Sedona range from clairvoyants and aura readers to tarot readers and astrologers. When living in or visiting Sedona, it’s not uncommon to see some form of a psychic reader on a regular basis, whether for life-changing guidance or for a psychic “check-up.”

Retreats & Spas

Visitors have their choice of retreat accommodations, ranging from the rustic and down to spa-like luxury. Several of the major hotels in town have extensive spa facilities association with them, and smaller, independent practitioners and day spas offer a huge variety of specialized treatments and services.

Solstice Festivals

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people around the planet celebrate the Summer and Winter Solstices. The people in Sedona are no exception. Each of these solstices is celebrated each year at Unity of Sedona who features only the finest speakers, musicians, and vendors for these one-day events. The Sedona Summer & Winter Festivals include fun, depth, laughter, and spiritual alignment.

Sound Healers

Sound healing is one of the fastest-growing forms of healing around. Sound healing can vary in forms or style, but often includes the use of various instruments and vocal toning to create a sound chamber that can alter the frequency of the client. Sound healing often includes the use of crystal bowls, flutes, drums, tuning forks, and a human voice.


Vortexes can best be described as funnels of energy. People familiar with yoga or metaphysical subjects usually equate vortexes with chakras (energy centers on the human body). The earth is said to have numerous major and minor chakras/vortexes such as in Glastonbury England and Machu Pichu, Peru. But nowhere on the planet do we find as large a concentration of several vortexes in one place as Sedona.

Yoga Centers

Virtually every style of yoga is available in Sedona, including Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Yin, Ashtanga, Flow, Restorative, therapeutic, and more. Combining a hike out on to the Red Rocks and a yoga session can also be arranged.

Buyer Beware

Even though Sedona is filled with some of the nation’s best healers, psychics, spiritual teachers, and so forth…Sedona also has attracted some less than exceptional characters. If searching for any sort of quality person or experience, it’s always best to go by referrals. So be aware of what you are looking for and never settle for anything less than the highest quality, integrity, and authenticity.

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