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Welcome! Scroll below and you will find The Global Center for Christ Consciousness' 'member collection' of inspired writing and poems! It is a real treasure trove to be discovered! See for yourself! Go on! Happy adventuring, falling deep, into the appreciation of Unity!

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Submitting your writing really is a beautiful honour and gift to yourself, shared with everyone! The result is wonderful; simply all that make the decision to be involved, become happy!

Our selection group will review all pieces of writing. Limit of one, per person, per month.

Writing that resonates with The Global Center for Christ Consciousness' mission will be approved for publication within 7 days of submission.Thank you for sharing your inspired creations!

Inspired Poetry & Writing

Graham Hill – Raza de Lumina (Ray of Light) 

Raza de Lumina (Ray of Light)    Raza de Lumina    Keeps reaching out  No stopping now nor ever  Nothing can stop this path Decided carefully in advance.  Penetrating, opening, …


Roger Blakiston – The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension   We are entering the golden age, Though shadows still are drifting o’er the land; Yet we will soon be turning a new page, Beyond the darkness,…


The Lighthouse – Victoria Hardie

The lighthouse,   Shine your light upon this earth and calm the troubled waters, I ask you to navigate the lost ones especially in times of fogginess and darkness, A…


The Christ Vine – Graham Hill

The Christ Vine   The more I write about Christ The more I feel free Somehow floating into my destiny I feel high above the battles Nothing can defeat me…


Oneness – Roger Blakiston

Oneness by Roger Blakiston August 25th. 2022 Be the sunshine, be the shadow, Be the chooser and the choice. Be the change and be the changer, Be the silence, be…


Shame – Joy Woolford

Shame Calling your name Wants to bring you down So you can never be found   Shame Is not a game It hurts and smarts Like long pointy darts  …


Will you pray with me? – Graham Hill

Will you pray with me?    I pray now, will you pray with me? For the time taken to read this poem To drop the despair-hate-guilt veil,  To end our…


“If Only…aka: Be Still and Know I AM” by Julie Karo Miller

If only I could have a better day to see This Life that could only be Forever, I would Know The Truth of who I AM to be And be…


Untitled by Lori Freed

It All Was…As I Was  It All Is…As I AM It All Will Be…As I AM Being             


Rita Boulton – Unlimited potentials

There are many sensuous delights in this mansion People take photos in the dark For magazines that don’t get published They tell tales to walls and chandeliers Laughing at their…


In Love’s Flow by Becky Parker

A deep breath in Exhaling slow This is the way  To letting go.   To give away Our worried minds Into Divine Hands so sublime.   We know the way…


Entitled by Sylvia Pearl

We are all entitled to miracles If it is that you do not feel worthy  Then I ask you How is it you could prove worthy for that which already…


The Light By Graham Hill

Gentle thunder revives my heart  Open again I feel what was spoken  Clear-bold-commands descending  Thrilling through the clouds  Breaking my band of death  fireballs were cast as holy crowns  Upon…


A Poem Where We Can Relate By Angy Thennes

A Poem Where We Can Relate By Angy Thennes I want to do the “right” thing. Ego’s got me by the throat. Calling in God’s presence, we walk it through …


Real Eyes By Graham Hill

Real Eyes  By Graham Hill   I see my older brother tease me I see me bite back and our peace flee I see no point in war I am…


Freedom At Last By Joy Woolford 

Freedom At Last  By Joy Woolford    Here I am in my old stomping grounds Going round and round and round Seeing things, I’d rather not see Knowing I have…


For My Sweet Sweet Lover by Lois Claire Wenzel

For My Sweet Sweet Lover by Lois Claire Wenzel 2004   Tempo changes, Body Lunges Enticing yours, Explode within I felt your body next to mine I felt my heart awake…


The Gift of Life Deb Campbell

The Gift of Life There can be no real gift unless the giver goes with it -Ernest Holmes   My life is a gift! My God is an awesome God,…


Gratitude By Roger Blakiston

Gratitude By Roger Blakiston   Let us be thankful for those who inspire us, The poets, musicians, creators of art; The conjurers, dreamers, and seekers of wisdom, The trustworthy lovers…


Into Me By Rita Boulton

Into Me By Rita Boulton   Come, follow me’…  Should I go?  A seeming eternity has passed  Since journeying into these depths Millions of years and but a day Time…


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