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Testimonials About Michael Mirdad & Sacred Sunday Services

I’d heard a teaching I was in complete agreement with…

“As a channel for Mary Magdalene and communicator of her teaching, I’m particularly sensitive to how other spiritual teachers relate to the Feminine. I attended one of Michael Mirdad’s presentations and was very moved. In Michael’s message, I heard a strong voice of the Masculine that felt aligned to the Feminine. It had been a long time since I’d heard a teaching I was in complete agreement with and could fully open to—without needing to shield myself from parts that misrepresented or maligned the Feminine. What a gift to my

- Mercedes Kirkel, bestselling author of Mary Magdalene Beckons and Sublime Union: A Woman’s Sexual Odyssey Guided by Mary Magdalene

My life has changed dramatically…

“My life has changed dramatically since I’ve been attending and hearing Michael speak, so I want to thank you for helping me to change my life around. I am a veteran and I’ve now been able to get off most of the medications that I was on for post-traumatic disorders. Also, I am finally letting people into my life–including my own wife and children. I have been married for 30 years and I am just NOW letting my wife into my heart. And one time, when I told Michael about how hard it was for me to let people in,

– Anonymous

Last Sunday’s message was incredible…

“Last Sunday’s message was incredible. I needed to hear that. My husband and I were blown away. In addition, Ariana Saraha’s performance was absolutely magical. We were visiting for the weekend and hope to be back soon. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Many

– Caroline

Thank you for the wonderful talk…

“Thank you for the wonderful talk this past Sunday. I love and relate to Michael’s bridging analogy. I didn’t realize it before but this has been happening in the healings that I have been a part of. It is now clear that bridging is a much better and more accurate way to describe it. And I really get that this is my purpose. As you described, there is God in each person but the personality, ego, small self, etc., sometimes is so large, dominant, and in your face, that it’s very hard to see God. And then our own ego-self

– P

Today’s message was a powerful reminder…

“Today’s message was a powerful reminder of who we are…the I AM presence. It’s not enough to say I am this or I am that. We need to identify with I AM in order to let go of all that has been created by the beliefs that we are not. In truth, I see the world based on the choices I make… To see from I AM, or to see from I am NOT. The world manifests as a reflection of me. When I see the world from I AM, I see the indescribable beauty of everything as a precious

– L

Michael gave an amazing talk today…

“Michael gave an amazing talk today on “I am” consciousness, differentiating the “I am,” of the Divine, from the “I am not” of the ego. He also tied this in beautifully with the consciousness of the upper three chakras and discussed how the “I am” consciousness correlates with the embodiment of the Divine in all of us. He made a beautiful distinction between going to heaven and bringing heaven to earth, essentially stating that the goal is to bring heaven to earth by embodying our Divinity (our Christ

– B

I truly enjoyed visiting Sedona…

“I truly enjoyed visiting Sedona a week ago and personally hearing Michael’s teachings. I felt so welcome, I look forward to next time. Yesterday I listened to Michael’s DVD “I am Vs ego I am not.” Profound. Today I listened to it again with one of my friends. Thank you for all you do in the

– SD

The message last Sunday REALLY spoke to me…

“The message last Sunday REALLY spoke to me (as all your brilliant sermons do!) and gave me what I needed. Thank You!!! Also, I truly loved the music that was played, which got the whole entire congregation up dancing with such high energy that was absolutely awesome to experience and see! It was absolutely incredible how truly happy, energized, and connected everyone was. I am in awe of Michael’s brilliantly woven, deeply profound, and relevant messages from so many diverse disciplines and sources of knowledge that he so profoundly integrates within himself and from which he speaks. I have never

– SG

You are such an inspiration…

“Dear Michael: You are such an inspiration and have taught me so much about what it means to be on a Spiritual Path and strive for Christ Consciousness. You have opened up my mind and heart to a whole new level and for that I will always be grateful. Your humor, mixed with a deep teaching for everyday life, is just outstanding! You have a gift that is extraordinary and wonderful. You get through to people and relate on a personal and everyday life level. We have been searching for a place to hear about God for 17 years (without

– Anonymous

One of the best lectures we’ve ever seen/heard…

“Last weekend Michael gave a talk on a topic that was decided seconds before, when someone shouted out a request for him to talk about “surrender.” Instead of it becoming a rushed thing for him to “think up” something to say, it somehow ended up being one of the best lectures we’ve ever seen/heard here. This not only confirmed that Michael usually spontaneously channels most of what he teaches and does it so well, it also confirmed that he is clearly one of the best spiritual teachers of our time. Also, I can’t think of a single teacher who can

– KB

The love was palpable to me…

“Three years ago, I came to Sedona to visit a friend and attend the 2012 Festival, at your center. I then was able to attend one of your Sacred Services as well. When I stepped into the Sanctuary, the love was palpable to me. I was amazed at how “at home” I felt. When my “guest bead necklace” was given to me, I felt acknowledged, appreciated and valued for who I am, regardless of my past. No one judged me or questioned why I was there. My first thought was, “Wow, this is what church is supposed to feel

– RM

God Bless you for all you have…

“This month’s newsletter is heart-touching, as was the New Year’s Eve service. God Bless you for all you have done here in Sedona and for all you will do for other ones in the future. It is comforting to know you will remain here a few more years. I commend you for recognizing and listening to your inner calling AND thank you for being You. My life is certainly blessed to have these amazing years with you and your teachings. I am and will be forever grateful. You make a huge difference in the lives of many. Looking forward to

– NS

My true Bliss came when…

“My true Bliss came when I moved to AZ and could finally be free of my past and all the judgements and pain that came from it. My childhood was traumatic–to say the least–as I was the daughter of a murderer and the sister of a couple of addicts (one of which ended up being killed). Our home had no supervision, and with each new step-dad, it only made matters worse. I was on my own at 14, worked two jobs, and when I grew up and had children, I kept all alcohol and drugs from my home so my

– K

I believe it is important…

“I believe it is important for all of you to be aware of the impact made by your chaplains on a first time visitor. I came to Sedona last September with the hope of finding spiritual clarity and guidance. I was experiencing what Michael describes as the dark night of the soul, and I was in a lot of emotional pain. After the service, I sat in the back of the church waiting for a friend. A chaplain approached me and asked if I would like to speak with her. I said I was fine. She reached out, touched my

– D

This past Sunday was…

“This past Sunday was…what’s a perfect word? Hmm, I don’t know…I just started to cry, a sweet cry not one of sadness. Maybe recognition…like I recognized your words at such a deep level..I had come home that Sunday again…as happens so many times when you teach. So many thanks again and again, and

- Anonymous

Dear Friends…

“Dear Friends: I want to thank you for all that we have and all that we receive each Sunday with Michael Mirdad as our Spiritual Leader. I know that we have come to appreciate what we have in him and receive from him. But a few other attendees and myself were talking last week and concluded something profound: There are few places on earth wherein week after week, a teacher delivers such messages that are always extraordinarily deep, healing, and applicable. Michael delivers 5-star talks every week and we’ve never seen him miss a beat. But the most profound revelation

– AW, Sedona

Before I came to Sacred Sunday Service…

“Before I came to Sacred Sunday Service, my body was so stiff I could barely move. I was in so much pain I couldn’t bend my fingers. (I have osteo-arthritis & rheumatism very bad.) During the Sunday service, I could feel my body and hands relax, and I am not in pain anymore! God Bless You in Light &

– KS, AZ

I attended the Sacred Sunday service..

“Michael: I attended the service this past Sunday, and just wanted to thank you for a heart-filled sacred time together. I, myself, am a spiritual leader, leading a community in MA. Your journey and teaching is compelling, love-filled, and relevant. Thank you for helping me renew and replenish my own

– Manish, MA

I must comment on yesterday’s message…

“Michael: I must comment on yesterday’s message.  As a matter of fact, I should include last Sunday also. You are ON FIRE!  Yesterday was especially pertinent as an avid believer in meditation, affirmations and visualizations. Your message was a great eye opener to many and a wonderful reminder to me that these distinctions are important. Although they all serve a purpose, the assumption that everyone is aware of the difference should not be taken for granted when I am recommending one of them as a guide for a client. Thank you again for being on target and a wonderful inspiration.

– DL, AZ

I love your Sunday service…

“I love your Sunday service. Your talks always touch my heart so deeply. Words that I could never speak but think and feel. God Bless you deeply and great sermons that touch our

– Marie

WOW! Powerful message…

WOW! What a powerful message by Michael at yesterday’s Sacred Sunday Service. So uplifting and inspirational. Also, I like the messages that are shown on the two screens before the start of the service. Very helpful. Thank you for


Michael is a bright light…

“Michael is a bright light glowing with wisdom and heart. I deeply respect his work, which offers integrity and vision. I love this man, and so will

– Alan Cohen, Author, The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Michael speaks from the heart…

“Michael speaks from his heart and reaches directly to the heart of his audiences. His entertaining anecdotes combine perfectly with his wealth of knowledge and passion for teaching. But one of the things I love most about him is his commitment to teaching Christ Consciousness. I respect and love Michael so much for being unafraid to be who he is and for blazing trails back into Oneness. Michael Mirdad heals with his very presence and

– Dr. Doreen Virtue, Author, Angel Cards

Wonderful, mind blowing, fantastic….

“I just wanted to say that the Sunday service on January 2nd, 2022 was wonderful, mind blowing, fantastic, every other beautiful word I can think of. I have watched it three times and get very happily emotional. I’ve never seen or heard anything so amazing. Michael Mirdad is a very beautiful soul. God bless him, all of



Testimonials for Special Events & Workshops

TRUST your intuition however weak it may be…

“Many years ago I attended one of Michael’s presentations at Unity Church on Maui. He asked us to rate the areas of our life on a scale of 1-10, ten being fantastic. Relationship, health, career, finance, etc. After everyone did the work he asked if anyone had a score of three or less in any category. He went on to say that if one had a low score in relationship, without the proper amount of work and correct application of mind, chances were that in five years it would most likely be the same (or worse)…so one might as well

– S (July 8, 2014)

It is safe to see into the eyes of love again and to hear with an open heart…

“I would like to share my experience with attending the David Matthew Brown’s workshop that was presented last Sunday. He is alive with the presence of Love, Higher Love, one that encompasses all when engaged in his presence. His practical applications of breathwork to stay centered in the heart was on point. His use of abstract symbolism to engage the right brain is empowering. His use of life experience with self and others allows the group to make earth (grounded) approaches to see into gaps in ones own “story” and where perception has become the malady of one’s own deliberate

–  VL (July 8, 2014)

I am really carried by an experience of gratitude and reverence…

“Once in a while I have a series of days where I am really carried by an experience of gratitude and reverence. The past few days have been like that for me…I was listening to Michael speak during his recent workshop and I had a different sense of myself than I’ve had before…I saw how much “more” I am because of my relationships with a few teachers and specifically my relationship with  your center in Sedona and Michael. The emotion is one of gratitude, but reverence too. I feel like I should be saying much more here…but more words aren’t

– IW (October 15, 2014)

This was the best class of Michael’s I have ever experienced…

“This was the best class of Michael’s I have ever experienced. I am so happy it was filmed to make into a dvd. I was especially moved by the exercise Michael facilitated with the one woman talking to her dad. I felt a huge release merely as an observer! The chaplain healing circle was amazing–so much there that I could relate

– HB, Sedona (July 2016)

Positive solutions to and for our growth and abundance of being…

“What way will we choose to be helped to wholeness, to wellness of being? I attended Keith Varnum’s Workshop, Vortex of Abundance, this afternoon. What I love about Keith is his easy style, his whimsical approach to the ever-expanding interpretation of what seems common but in his creative hands, never is. How many approaches are there to abundance? More than you can perceive.Tired and repetitive the rhetoric might drone on with what has been heard again and again, and in the end is not as useful as might be hoped for… but not with Keith. He is the fresh breath

– JBN, Sedona (July 2016)

John Dumas’ Concert was out of this world!

“John Dumas’ concert was out of this world! We traveled around the world and experienced his music as if we were there! My energy was off the charts. It was a great space for our own inner healing

– Dr. Lori Smiskol (John Dumas, "Dreamtime" Concert, November 20, 2021)

John Dumas…unique, masterful, musician…

“John Dumas is a unique, masterful, musician and down-to-earth storyteller who guides his audience on beautiful, deep and powerful sound journeys. I love his authenticity, humor and ability to bring incredible experiences to life through his amazing musical gifts. My heart is full and

– Harmony Blanchard (John Dumas, "Dreamtime" Concert, November 20, 2021)

Ananda Yogiji’s Concert Awakened Dormant Parts of My Soul

“Heartfelt, powerful connecting rhythms send the audience into Dreamtime. So grateful for the combination of ancient Kirtan and moving poetry with Ananda’s contribution. The feeling created by the synergy of the band, the resonance of sound and the exchange with others awakened dormant parts of my soul. The experience offered a sense of freedom and the feeling of

– Kesha Engel (Ananda Yogiji "Flow Like A River" Concert, November 28, 2021)

Ananda Yogiji’s Concert Strikes a Chord in My Being

“I felt blessed to hear his enchanting voice. He performs with deep feelings of passion and emotion that strikes a chord in my being. He is spectacularly talented. It is a matter of time before he becomes one of the top performing artists in his genre. Thank you,

– Angel Guevara (Ananda Yogiji "Flow Like A River" Concert, November 28, 2021)

Words and music that led to dancing…

“The words and the music that led to dancing so inspired me and others. I know it can transform our suffering

– Sandra Wasko Flood (Ananda Yogiji "Flow Like A River" Concert, November 28, 2021)

Fantastic Class

“This was such a fantastic class, Thank you MM for teaching and sharing all of this information to all who wish to learn more and go deeper into the consciousness of Christ. The more I learn and the deeper I go, the more I want to learn even more on the path

~ MS, Sedona (Awakening Christ Consciousness 2021)

Bringing the Light of God to the World

“I have to say that Michael’s workshop on Christ Consciousness was incredible, and even that doesn’t begin to describe it. This class was so deep, it truly resonated with my soul. I especially loved the advanced tracking exercise and the use of writing as we connected to (or channeled) our inner. Both of those were amazing. I am so very grateful that I took this class and felt blessed to share the experience with so many wonderful souls. It has changed me in a wonderful way, helping me along my path of awakening the Christ within. Thank you Michael for

~Cheryl (Awakening Christ Consciousness 2021)

Powerful, profound and a joy

“The Awakening Christ Consciousness 4 day intensive was powerful, profound and a joy to participate in. The four consecutive days went by quickly and I didn’t want it to end. I soaked it up like a sponge and wanted more! I had the feeling I should take this class. The feeling returned again and again that I needed to take this class. I’m so glad I listened to the feelings and urgings to register for it because the class took me to new levels of understanding and an even deeper connection to God and Christ Consciousness than I could have

~MS (Awakening Christ Consciousness 2021)


Testimonials About The Crystal Bed Healing Room

Crystal bed healing room orbs

“During and after my session in the healing room (crystal bed), the facilitator and I could see an orb of light flying around the room. It would appear and then disappear and then reappear again—sometimes moving slowly and sometimes fast. It almost felt like it was a faerie or something like that.” –

– FB

Had my first vision…

“During my experience in the crystal bed, I had my first vision/very real/where the soul of a recently departed loved one came to me to let me know they were okay. The next thing I knew, other people showed up—even one who had committed suicide—and spoke to me. The crystal bed experience was huge for

– DC

Crystal bed after a private session….

“I did a crystal bed session after having a private session with Michael Mirdad and then went hiking afterwards. During the hike, I noticed I had a sharp pain on top of my foot. So I took my shoe off and found what looked like a surgical incision mark—which remained for over a

– JM


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