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Here are some various worksheets and handouts that Michael Mirdad often recommends to his clients and at his workshops. The content of the worksheets are excerpts from Michael Mirdad’s books and are copyrighted. You may download and use the worksheets for personal use only, for all other uses please contact Grail Productions for permission.


Communion (Daily Prayer & Meditation)

This exercise is used as part of the Soul-Level Healing Process found in Healing the Heart & Soul by Michael Mirdad. It is the most effective exercise to assist us with Refilling after any healing work OR for filling ourselves up with the Spirit of God each day—preferably every morning when you first wake up and at night just before you go to sleep. This exercise is similar to what many shaman refer to as “dreaming the world into being.”

Goodbye Ceremony/Exercise

The Goodbye Ceremony is an invaluable part of the Soul-Level Healing Process found in Healing the Heart & Soul by Michael Mirdad. The purpose of the “Goodbye Exercise” varies from person to person. Some people need to say goodbye to a long lost friend, others to a deceased loved one, and still others, to someone who has behaved hurtfully.

Having a God Day

Having “God Days” (days when we feel connected to God) means living a life with a greater sense of internal peace and inspiration and, an external sense of health and abundance. Although we would like to assume that just being on the spiritual path will bring these blessings to us automatically, such is not necessarily the case. Achieving a more fulfilling life involves nurturing our connection to God/Spirit in the present moment, “one day at a time.”

Soul-Level Healing & Forgiveness

The Five-Step Soul-Level Healing Process can generally be defined as “a two-part process of Emptying one’s cup of faulty belief systems AND Refilling this cup with new, healthy, and loving systems of belief.”

The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic and English. The Lord's Prayer to Father-God and Mother-God. Also an explanation of the effects of the Lord’s Prayer on the Chakras.

Tracking Exercise

Tracking is an incredibly quick (yet powerful and effective) way to access the deeper issues behind nearly any issue, problem, illness, or crises. Anyone can learn to do tracking in a matter of minutes, but greater skills can be nurtured to enhance its effects. These skills include healing or counseling abilities and also intuitive abilities, which are an invaluable asset to any form of healing or healing work.

Twelve Holy Days & Nights of Christmas

Just as important as Christmas Day, however, are the "Twelve Holy Days & Nights of Christmas," which begin on Christmas Day (December 25th) and last through the day before the start of Epiphany (January 5th). On these Twelve Holy Days/Nights, we are given a chance (unsurpassed by any other days of the year) to step up and create a new life. The idea is that what we will experience for the next twelve months of the coming year will be greatly determined by how spiritually conscious and aligned we remain during the “Twelve Holy Days & Nights of Christmas.”

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