Exploring Your Past Lives

Exploring Your Past Lives Workshopo


An Invitation to Exploring Your Past Lives with Michael Mirdad


A 3-hour Workshop with Michael Mirdad

All students on the spiritual path eventually come across the concept of reincarnation—which basically states that all causes have an effect (all actions have an equal reaction). And if a person passes away from this life without fulfilling the effects of his/her actions/causes, then they are bound to reincarnation in order to fulfill the karma, as well as to manifest the gifts attained in previous lives.

This course includes the following topics:

  •  How to discover your past lives and how they are affecting you today
  •  How to apply past life gifts in your life today
  •  Accessing and understanding the Akashic records
  •  Healing karmic debt

This online and in-person workshop will take place on Sunday October 3rd, from 12:00pm-3:00pm (Arizona Time) on Zoom and at Unity of Sedona.  There will be a short break about mid-way, and the entire workshop will be recorded for replay if you sign up online.